Holob / Verdränger (2-colour-silkscreenprint on black cardboard, 12-track-CD and inlay with credits)

Markus Färber / Land-EP (copy on some nice cardboard + 5-track-CD)

This year started with loads of musicstuff. My good friend Dane Ivanovski and I finished our (2007 started) recording-project that is called as this blog: HOLOB. We printed the cover in the silkscreenworkshop of the artschool and the new workshop-teacher Rudolf Ludowig helped us a lot with this. I also did some recordings with my goo dold 4-track-maschine in the beginning of 2008 and finally made a kind of EP out of it in a similar design like the holob-stuff. You can listen to some of the tracks of the 2 CDs on this myspace-site...