Some lino-print i did already in spring for fantastic non-bearded songwriting-legend OLDSEED. Stay tuned...


Poster for some awesome Rockshow again...


The new DROPS-Issue is out! And i am part of it! The topic was "Anatomie". 16 silkscreenprinted 1-page-comic-sheets inside of an extraordinary designed folder. Featuring drawing-professionals like Max Baitinger, Lea Heinrich, James Turek, Anna Hainich, Michel Esselsbrügge and many more awesome artists. Get your copy HERE !


Recently I did a wall-painting for the HoftexGroup in Hof/Saale (Thanks to mace7 and Daniel for the pics). This sunny day in Frankonia took me right back to my teenage-days. Ypsilon O!


Poster i did for a show at some venue in Leipzig/Connewitz...


Today I dreamed that I could move things with my mind, and I built my house.

Painting for the BOOK OF DREAMS - a project of Roger Omar, who collects dreams of kids from all over the world and asks artists to illustrate them.


I did the cover-design for the #4-issue of DIE BATTERIE, a nice comic-fanzine which is all about "dinosaurs" this time. My electrified skeletton was silkscreened by the Batterie-Crew in 2 variations of colors.