I did a one-page-comic for the September issue of the german newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique!


RADIKAL HOLOB is over now. Thanks for this amazing weekend!


Drop by at RADIKAL HOLOB on Friday the 18th at HEAVY MENTAL (MerseburgerStr 99 / LE)! Special Guest: Deux Boules Vanille (F)


Getting ready for my solo-exhibition RADIKAL HOLOB on the 18th of September @ HEAVY MENTAL (Merseburger Str. 99)


Poster for the very last gig of Leipzigs legendary MONOZID feat. DON VITO, LISTE NOIRE + THEE IRMA & LOUISE. See you there!


Finally i finished my work on the re-design of the sculptures in front of the Erika-Fuchs-Haus in Schwarzenbach/Saale! Its a little panel-sequence about some alien-like guy stealing a book, amost getting caught by his earthling opponent. Each sculpture represents a comic-page and you can walk around it and see the scene in an other perspective. Somewhat cool, eh?


FINALLY! Reprobus arrived in France a couple of weeks ago! I am proud to be puplished by the wonderful cambourakis. It is also my first hardcover-book and they did a very good job with the lettering. Merci beaucoup!