Das Schicksal des H.D.

For the exhibition "plattform#5" in the Kunstverein Hannover me and some other students of my class constructed some kind of installation as entrance of the cinema-room of the exhinition. The front-size was 4 x 4 meters and it took almost 5 days to built it up (The exhibition also lasted only 5 days, soo...). Together with Sebastian Dürer, Aisha Franz and Peter Miksch i did the planning and construction stuff. The mask was painted by Lea Heinrich and Fabian Hilbich. On one exhibition day Nils Knoblich did the incredible Performance "Die Offenbarung des H.D." (not only) in front of the mask. Watch that treasure of contemporary performance-art here on his blog!

The ready-built Mask at the opening day

The holy construction-plan (design by ME not IKEA!)

Early sketches i did for the entrance-design. First we planed to do a head AND a mask, but it would had been to huge for the exhibition-room

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