Os Desastres da Boneca de Sofia

A text for children by the portuguese writer Adília Lopes. It's about a girl getting a doll as a present from her father and treating it so bad, that it gets more destroyed all the time untill its burried at last. We had to illustrate the story with not more than 10 black-and-white-images and to make somekind of "book" out of it. As I already said - I din't like the text so much, but all in all (and for not more then 3 weeks of really working on it), the result is quite ok, i guess. Maybe I'll translate the words when I'm really bored the next weeks ... but don't think so.


  1. Sehr schön! Gleich gehts los!!

  2. ich hätte gern das buch herr färber. falls ich es mir leisten kann...

  3. I like how it shows that the girl is in full control!

    Great work.